Using the 6 In 1 Premium Dog Brush Set for a Grooming Session

To spritz, or not to spritz...that is the question. While combing or brushing a wet dog isn't advised, a VERY light spritz helps keep hair from flying and reduces static.
Here I put 5 drops of Almond Oil into a small spray bottle with 10-12 oz. of distilled water. One spritz in an area really helped control flying hair.
5 Drops of Almond oil and distilled water make a cost effective grooming spritz.
Cassie didn't have much in the way of mats except for some clumped hair in the collar area.
The Deshedding Edge Comb was used on the thicker fur around her neck, chest, and hind legs.
Working one area at a time, I used the ball pin brush to separate the fur and remove undercoat.
Again, the Deshedding Edge Comb works great to get deep into the "pants" to remove knots and tangles gently.
Once the Edge Comb has done its job the dual length Detangling Comb can get our even more tangles! Use short movements in small sections until it can glide smoothly through the fur.
I very gently used the slicker brush to pick up loose hair left behind by the other tools. Then I used the Detangling Comb to clean out the slicker brush.
Finally, I went over her coat with the bristle brush to bring out some shine. Now she feels pretty!

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