How to Deal With Mats

What causes mats?  When long haired and double coated dogs shed, the dead hair sheds into the coat and gets tangled into the existing fur.

Start your grooming session with a sparse comb, such as our 35 tooth Detangling Dog Comb.  Pay special attention to areas where mats are most frequently found.  These areas include; around the ears, below the neck, the stomach area and the hind legs.

Hold the mat in your hand and try to carefully pull the mat apart.  Next, use our Dematting Comb or Dematting Razor to help break apart the mat.  After breaking apart the mat, use the Detangling Dog Comb to gently pull the dead hair from your pet.  The dual length pins let you start gently, then you can angle the comb to engage the short teeth to remove more material.

While it may be tempting to use a Dematting Tool for hair removal, we recommend NOT doing so!  It is possible to cut the hair and damage the dogs coat.  We recommend using our Deshedding Edge Comb, Detangling Dog Comb, and Ball Pin Brush or Slicker Brush to remove undercoat and maintain your pet’s coat!

Horicon Pet Ultimate Dematting Set

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